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Viewing Lyrics for Chopped Up:

Artist:DA BAND
Track:Chopped Up
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:[Intro (Chopper Talking)]
What's happenin'
this ya boy Chopper City, ya heard me
New Orleans

[1st Verse]
I'm from the dirty, but I stay so fresh, so clean
With all these throwbacks, you think I got a time machine
Kodak moment, everytime I hit scenes
Cuz I'm a young ??, I flip keys
Alicia aint, got, nothin' on me, I'm so shady
Tha benz is amazing, tha color is all gravy
Please believe, my squad be them DBE's
We ridin' in them drop tops, wit them DVD's
Spreewells on them alloys, daddy I'm so jiggy
I flow so sickly, I roll with P. Diddy
Fa-Shiggety!!!, tha thug shit just run in my kidney
Always on point aint no nigga gone put no steel to me
Feelin' me, every move I make
It replay, EA Sports style, especially on tha freeway
whodi so wild, I keep thangs that bark loud
move the whole crowd, I suggest niggaz to roll out

[Hook 2x]
I'm a bad boy, get out my way, 'rilla
bust shots on the block, when I spray, 'rilla
ya get, chopped up, with the chopper
ya dog ass gone get done for it
ya betta run for it

[2nd Verse]
Tha bad boy's untamed guerrilla
I keeps it rilla' man ya gots to feel me
Worldwide connected from Ghanistan to Philly
What the dilly, I'm in tha milli' dropped 2-seater
With creepers strapped with nina's, fuckin' with senoritas
Jesus, I'm just off the meters
Believe, I still do got more stripes, and shelves than Adidas
Slang base-n-ball like Alex Rodriguez
Put ya foggles on, ya'll niggaz can't see me, like
I up, my level a notch to better
I can make a hit, a-capella
Ya can't, knock tha fella
I'm here now, I ain't going nowhere
Believe th
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