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Artist:D I
Album:What Good Is Grief To A God
Track:No Mistakes
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:No mistakes, no...no mistakes.
Debts and demands are all around.
No time for your own life,
some day you'll drown.
Using your time, softening your minds.
Running through the circus,
just like a clown.
No mistakes, no mistakes.


'Cuz the clock ticks as you play,
there's not much you can say.
Pulling from you, you just don't know.
The U.S. a vacuum, pocket books it's a doom.
There's no way out.

No mistakes, no mistakes.
I say no mistakes must be made.
No mistakes, no mistakes.
I say no mistakes must be made...must be made.


The jester in his court,
killing people just for sport.
Using you, there's no way out.
The leaders laugh in their thrones,
sucking life from the home.
Pulling from you, you just don't know
Lapsing at you until you drop,
working on you until you snap.
There's no way back.

No mistakes, no, no, no mistakes.
You can't make no mistakes.
You punch a clock like a clone.
Cable t.v. in every home,
programming you...you just don't know.
Don't live a life of sin,
be a mannequin.
Life is a game,
you're just like a rock.
Sit down and be quiet,
you just can't talk,
They're laughing at you,
until you snap.
You're so screwed,
messed up crack...
Laugh and scream like dying hounds
exploitation in every town.
People, they just don't have the say.
Such a stupid game that you play.
Better walk a straight line.
Before you know it you are behind.
Fight justice, stay alive.
Maybe you'll win, maybe you'll die.
Got a life of destruction, save the nation.
You don't have much to say,
'cuz that's the American Way.
Live at home and rot, it's a social plot.
Live at home anf rot, it's a social plot.
Don't stop, fight back.
It's a social plot.
Don't stop, fight back
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