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Viewing Lyrics for A Young Girl (Une Enfante):

Track:A Young Girl (Une Enfante)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:She left her neighborhood in which
Everyone was filthy rich
She left her parents at home
And strayed with a bagabond
Who made vows of love she never heard
And she believed his every word
She left no forwarding address
She just took her youth and happiness
And with the boy she vanished in
The secret sweetness of their sin

A young girl
A young girl of sixteen
Child of springtime still green
Laying there by the road

He told her love-demanded space
So they roam place to place
Although she realized she sinned
She threw caution to the wind
As she followed him around
While he slowly dragged her down
So overpowering was the love
That he had made
It captured all the young girl's hearts
And soul and mine
In another words love drove her blind


Too much emotion for a girl
She let her heart become her world
A world that God has never wrought
That brought us under we are taught
Had she'd been wise and she had known
She could of fed him love alone
She should've know the day would come
When he would quit her for fun
He needed fresh young meat to carve
And left her heart and mind to starve

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