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Viewing Lyrics for Back to You:

Artist:Caldwell Bobby
Track:Back to You
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:VERSE 1
You turn the screws
You tear down the bridge
Flimsy as it is,
It's business like.
You shake my hand
You break up the band
Flimsy as it is,
It's open mike
punk rock
Red white and blue,
You twist the knife
Then go home to kiss your wife
A bigger better slice
is what you'd like
You kick the sand
You get the upper hand
You sell it to Japan
It's natural
Punk rock
Red white and blue
You turn the screws
It's what you choose to do
You think that I
Must turn them too
You think that I
Must be so satisfied
I stay inside
I wonder why
And the cement mixer gets it all ready
One good turn at a time
Then pouring it slowly and steady
You're showing me where I can sign
What I can expect to find
But how you can you say you'll be happy
When you turn the screws
(repeat Chorus)
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