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Viewing Lyrics for Heart of Mine:

Artist:Caldwell Bobby
Track:Heart of Mine
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Left your mark
In a distant past
But somehow it's all gone now
Good things can never last
You are down for the third time
And you spent your change
Memories of your prime
Make life seem so strange
Through your life
You've been well-to-do
Times have changed
And rearranged
Now no one remembers you
You are down for the third time
And you spent your change
Daddy won't mind
When you rearrange your life
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Taken from the album  by Caldwell Bobby
  1. Thumbnail 4:49

    Heart of Mine?Bobby Caldwell ?monochrome ver. ?

    Bobby Caldwell???????????????Heart of Mine???? ????????????????Heart of Mine???????????

    Views: 17

  2. Thumbnail 4:52

    BOBBY CALDWELL ? Heart of Mine?HQ?

    CD: Heart of Mine 1987 He began work in Miami on his 1978 breakthrough album What You Won't Do for Love, scoring a hit single with the title cut.

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  3. Thumbnail 9:44

    Heart of Mine - Bobby Caldwell @ 2017 Newport Beach Jazz Fest (Smooth Jazz Family)

    Here's a clip of Bobby Caldwell performing at the 2017 Newport Beach Jazz Festival 6/3/17 Enjoy and "Stay Smooooth".

    Views: 13

  4. Thumbnail 4:41

    Bobby Caldwell 'Heart Of Mine'

    At last my next video.. Love this romantic song and that's how I feel it... Background music Bobby Caldwell 'Heart of mine' NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGE...

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  5. Thumbnail 4:49

    Heart Of Mine - Bobby Caldwell (KARAOKE)

    Originally recorded and released in 1988 by Boz Scaggs from his Other Roads album, Bobby Caldwell released his own cover of the song in his "Hear...

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  6. Thumbnail 7:38

    Bobby Caldwell - Heart of Mine

    Bobby's performance on Smooth Jazz Cruise in New York City on July 15, 2009.

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