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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:You have opened my eyes
I don't wanna see the dogs and their hungry smiles
It's very sad, I wanna get out
I don't have to build a future out of dry food and bones
Or very soon, you can make me sit and roll over play dead
Would be so damn nice, I don't wanna be your dog for the rest of my life

I'm all set to get out
I'm all set to get out of this voluntary cage
My future was made
I had a lot going my way, no way,
Always a serpentine smile, for the foolish grind
But then the sun sets suddenly nothing will remain the same
I'll keep this up until I feel the darkness is around me

They are still around me, I can feel 'em coming
They are all around me and I'm going under
My, my, my

So beware, there is always something else we find to fear
It is not okay, it's a shame. I could blame it on the way we were raised
And if this is wrong
You can make me sit and roll over play dead
Would be so damn nice, I'll look back on my dog days as the best of my life
I'll keep it up until I feel the darkness is around me
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Taken from the album  by Caeser
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