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Viewing Lyrics for Tootsie Guevara (Karaoke Version):

Artist:Mahal Ka Sa Akin
Track:Tootsie Guevara (Karaoke Version)
Date Added:14/03/2017
Rating:not yet rated     
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Taken from the album  by Mahal Ka Sa Akin
  1. Thumbnail 4:51

    Mahal Ka Sa Akin - Tootsie Guevara (Karaoke Version)

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  2. Thumbnail 4:28

    Mahal Ka Sa Akin - Tootsie Guevarra Karaoke Full HD

    follow me at http://www.twitter.com/customizedkar like my page at http://www.facebook.com/customizedkaraoke mahal ka sa akin karaoke, mahal ka sa...

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  3. Thumbnail 4:23

    Tootsie Guevarra Mahal Ka Sa Akin Karaoke Version

    Karaoke Medley Cover Songs and More. Subscribe Now. Follow us on Facebook https://goo.gl/Waf9VD.

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  4. Thumbnail 4:31

    Tanya - Mahal Ka Sa Akin (Official Lyric Video)

    Subscribe to the Star Music channel! http://bit.ly/StarMusicChannel Visit our official website! http://starmusic.abs-cbn.com Connect with us in o...

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  5. Thumbnail 4:43

    Mahal ka sa akin by Tootsie Guevara

    Tootsie Guevara Album KABA 1999 Tootsie Guevara Mahal Ka Sa Akin lyrics Mahal na mahal 'Yan ang damdamin na sa 'yo'y nararamdaman Kung 'di mo ala...

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  6. Thumbnail 4:32

    Mahal Ka Sa Akin - TootsieGuevarra KARAOKE

    Tagalog Karaoke - Mahal Ka Sa Akin as Popularized by: Tootsie Guevarra Please Subscribe to my Channel for more Karaoke:-- ...

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  7. Thumbnail 4:54

    KABA - by Tootsie Guevara (KARAOKE) HD

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  8. Thumbnail 4:42

    Mahal Ka Sa Akin -Tootsie Guevara With Lyrics

    Mahal Ka Sa Akin By Tootsie Guevara Best OPM Love Songs: http://adf.ly/1JIZRu.

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  9. Thumbnail 3:45

    Mr. Kupido Karaoke FULL HD

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