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Artist:Middle Of America
Date Added:23/06/2016
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Taken from the album  by Middle Of America
  1. Thumbnail 3:21

    Middle Of America - Will Hoge - Official Music Video

    Music video for "Middle of America" by Will Hoge. This video was taken in one shot in downtown Gallatin, TN. Director: Colin Noel Producers: Kirk...

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  2. Thumbnail 3:21

    Middle Of America - Will Hoge - Lyric Video

    Lyric video for Will Hoge's "Middle of America"

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    What is in the Middle of America?

    What's in the middle of America? The center of the continental United States? Watch to see. Vanlife brings us on a roadtrip through Kansas where ...

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  4. Thumbnail 31:42


    I, in no way, intend to infringe copyrights for this compilation. It is just being put up for educational and knowledge purposes. Enjoy. Tracklis...

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  5. Thumbnail 3:20

    Middle of America - Will Hoge - Small Town Dreams

    Audio of Will Hoge's "Middle of America" from his album, Small Town Dreams.

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  6. Thumbnail 6:28

    The death of America?s middle class: Sky-high rent, second jobs, and 1% TV | Alissa Quart

    Read more at BigThink.com: Follow Big Think here: YouTube: http://goo.gl/CPTsV5 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BigThinkdotcom Twitter: ...

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    Middle America | Untold America | Democracy & Differences Episode 3

    This week we spent time in Iowa to see if there is hope for bridging the gap between conservatives and liberals. Untold America is a new document...

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    Middle America vs. The Liberal Elite: What Does It Mean to Be All-American? | Ariel Levy

    Middle America is tired of those latte-sipping liberals and their "elite media" hanging out in New York City, but author and New Yorker staff wri...

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    How America Is Killing The Middle Class

    The American Dream is threatened by a rapidly shrinking middle class. Millions of Americans are strapped with debt, higher costs of living and lo...

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