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Viewing Lyrics for A Minor Incident:

Artist:About A Boy Soundtrack
Track:A Minor Incident
Date Added:24/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Song: Badly Drawn Boy

There's nothing I could say to make you try and feel ok
And nothing you could do to stop me feeling the way I do
And if the chance should happen that I never see you again
Just remember that I'll always love you

I'd be a better person on the other side I'm sure
You'd find a way to help yourself
Then find another door
To shrug off minor incidents
Make us both feel proud
I'd just wish I be there to see u through

You always were the one to make us stand out in the crowd
Though every once apon a while your head was in a cloud
There's nothing u could never do to ever let me down
And remember that ill always love you
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Taken from the album  by About A Boy Soundtrack
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    Badly Drawn Boy - Silent sigh

    song from the movie "About a boy"

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    a minor incident baldy drawn boy

    cartoon video clip by lea in loa and javi el changa.

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    A Minor Incident Cover - Badly Drawn Boy

    i love this song (Y)

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    A Minor Incident - Badly Drawn Boy

    A Minor Incident by Badly Drawn Boy.

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    Minor Incident - Badly Drawn Boy - Tutorial

    My first Youtube Guitarvideo. Sorry if I missed a note :) Have fun with this Video! C7M E--- B-1- G--- D--- A-2- E--- Intro Only 1 strum per chor...

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    Badly Drawn Boy - A Minor Incident - Live

    A Minor Incident Live at Aladdin Theater in Portland OR.

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