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Artist:A Nude
Date Added:24/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:love's got its meaning
love's got its time
love is uncertain
sometimes love is hard to find
but I swear I will allways be true
and I hope you do forgive my acting like a fool
this is love
this is what love is all about
this is love
it helps you up and it turns you around

love can be healing
love can be care
love can be pleading
after all love is to share
why do we act like strangers
why do we sometimes tell us lies
why do we feel unable to see the truth before our eyes
thies is love...

love is harder than steal
is's purer than gold
it's only a feeeling
love it's got to be true
it's got to be real
my loving is you

love can be healing
love can be care
love can be pleading
after all love is to share

this is love...

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