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Artist:Yothu Yindi
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:We've been working on a course for change
Trying to work out a balance
Sometimes I feel I'm so alone
And I wish you were here
Making money can be one thing
Building bridges can be the other one
All it takes is understanding now
To make that dream come true

You and me bayma
We can make it happen 'freedom'
You and me liya-wayma
We can see it through 'freedom'

Many thousand years of history
Of a culture that is still to be told
This is only just the beginning now
I guess we'll have to work it out

You and me bayma
We can make it happen 'freedom'
You and me liya-bayma
We can see it through 'freedom'

You and me bayma
We can make it happen 'freedom'
You and me liya-bayma
We can see it through 'freedom'

You and me
We can make it happen
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