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Track:Alabamas Crew
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:AIR FORCE 801
Listen to the rumble, and hear old Merlin roar
l'm flying over Moji, like I never flew before
Hear the mighty rush of the slipstream, and hear old Merlin moan,
I'II wait a bit and say a prayer and hope it gets me home.
Itazuke tower, this is Air Force 801
l'm turning on the downwind leg, my prop has overrun
My coolant's overheated, the gauge says 1-2-1
You'd better call the crash crew, and get them on the run.
Air Force 801, this is Itazuke tower
I cannot call the crash crew, this is their coffee hour
You're not cleared in the pattern, that is plain to see
So take it on around again, we have some VIP.
Itazuke tower, this is Air Force 801
l'm turning on the downwind leg, I see your biscuit gun
My engine's runnin' ragged, and the coolant's gonna blow
I'm gonna prang a Mustang, so look out down below.
Itazuke tower, this is Air Force 801
l'm turning on the final, and running on one lung
l'm gonna land this Mustang, no matter what you say
l've gotta get my charts fixed up before that Judgment Day,
Air Force 801, this is Judgment Day
You're in Pilot's Heaven, and you are here to stay
You just bought a Mustang, and you bought it well
The famous Air Force 801 was sent straight down to Hell.
From There I was flat on my back, Stevens
Tune: Wabash Cannonball
filename[ AF801
play.exe WABASHCB
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