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Viewing Lyrics for Goodby To The Thirty Foot Trailer:

Track:Goodby To The Thirty Foot Trailer
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
(Ewan MacColl)

The old ways are changing you cannot deny
The day of the traveler's over
There's nowhere to gang and there's nowhere to bide
So farewell to the life of the rover

Goodbye to the tent and the old caravan
Tae the tinker, the rover, the traveling man
And goodbye tae the thirty foot trailer

Farewell tae the cant and the traveling tongue
Farewell tae the Romany talking
The buying, the selling, the old fortune telling
The knock on the door and the hawking

You got to move fast to keep up with the times
For these days a man cannot dander
There's a bylaw to say you maun be on your way
And another to say ye can't wander

Farewell to the blossom and besoms of broom
Farewell tae the creels and the baskets
The folk of today would far rather pay
For a thing that is made oot o plastic

The old ways are passing and soon will be gone
And progress is aye a big factor
Its sent to afflict us and when they evict us
They tow us away wi a tractor

Farewell tae the pony, the cob, and the mare
The reins and the harness are idle
You don't need a strap when you're breaking up scrap
So farewell tae the bit and the bridle

Farewell tae the fields where we've sweated and toiled
At pulling and hauling and lifting
They'll soon have machines and the traveling queens
And their menfolk had better be shifting

sung by Ewan MacColl on Freeborn Man and by Owen McBride
Copyright Stormking Music, Inc.
@gypsy @travel
filename[ TRAIL30
play.exe TRAIL30
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