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Viewing Lyrics for Sparkle of My Eye:

Track:Sparkle of My Eye
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:We`ll raise the price of parking fines
A boost for the economy
If that don`t work we close the mines
And starve the poor of industry

We proved again we rule the waves
A blow for white democracy
That Britains never shall be slaves
So long as they agree with me

We`ll close the roads, divide the land
Put out the rage that burns within
Break the link of dirty hands
At any cost we`ll always win

Keep them poor and wanting more
Deprive them of their basic rights
The hunger banging at their door
Will take away their will to fight

(Chorus - Answer)

As always you were wrong again
To us a little seems a lot
Don`t turn your back on desperate men
Cause we can see how much you`ve got
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Taken from the album  by UB40
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    Sparkle of my Eyes

    Ub40 baby,,,The Best!

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    UB40 - Sparkle Of My Eyes (lyrics)

    From the album "Cover Up" DEP International/Virgin Records, 2001.

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    UB40 - Sparkle of My Eye (Cover)

    Kaleo, Jonah, and Pomai jamming "Sparkle of My Eye" by UB40.

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    UB40 - Sparkle Of My Eyes

    Artist: UB40 Song: Sparkle Of My Eyes Album: Cover Up Country: UK Genre: Electronic Style: Dub Other Songs on the album 1. Rudie 2. Sparkle Of My...

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    Donna Mitchell & John Wayne - Sparkle Of My Eyes

    Label: Shuttle Records Producer: Bunny Lee Year: ~1983 ~ Enjoy!

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    UB40 - Sparkle Of My Eyes (Customized Dub Mix)

    Customized Dub Mix of "Sparkle Of My Eyes" from UB40's album Cover Up. A cover of The Paragons beautiful tune.

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