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Artist:U. D. O.
Track:In The Darkness
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Why am I here now
What have I done
Running on empty - I got nowhere to run

Can't get an answer
Can't get it right
Just try to make it
'till the end of the night

Is there a way to avoid doing wrong
Lead me away from the darkness
Light up my day show me where I belong
Please don't leave me all alone in the darkness

Far in the distance
There is night, there is day
Sounds are waving nets of dismay

Sometimes I'm stuck in a shocking delay
Like in a slow motion movie
I'm reaching out for something to hold
Life slips away in the cold - in the cold

My heart is so cold - my heart is so cold

Why was I turned down
What's going on
I wish there was something that could have been done

How can I get there
Where is the light
How can I make it
'till the end of the night

How can I turn darkness to light
Leaving my fear in the darkness
Is there a way how can I overcome
My restless night's and my fear - and my fear

In the darkness - in the darkness - in the darkness
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Taken from the album  by U. D. O.
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    U.D.O. : In the Darkness

    Animal House, 1987.

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    Udo - In The Darkness (Legendado PT-BR)

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    Udo - In the darkness

    Like in a slow motion movie.

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    U.D.O. - In The Darkness (Live in Köln, Germany/ Pro-Shot 1988)

    Udo Dirkschneider -- vocals Mathias Dieth -- guitar Andy Susemihl -- guitar Dieter Rubach -- bass Thomas Franke -- drums.

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