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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:You should know that my smile was leading to this
It's all in this letter
Strange how your wings ache like a son of a bitch
Just when you're, just when you're finally better

(fly away)

Someone like you just better watch where you step
People have been known to bleed
See how my words read like a kick in the head
Sometimes that's just what you need

(fly away)

Fly away my butterfly
Fly away
Fly away my butterfly
Fly away

Don't you know that my smile was misleading
I have outgrown my cocoon
By the time taht you read what you're reading
I will have flown to the moon

Fly away my butterfly
Fly away
Fly away my butterfly
Fly away...

You should know that my smile was leading to this
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Taken from the album  by Tiffany
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    Butterfly - Tiffany

    Off her Color of Silence album.

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    Butterfly Tiffany

    Closing Track From Tiffany's 2000 Effort, The Color Of Silence.

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    Tiffany - Butterfly (The Rose, Pasadena CA 3/31/17)

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    [Fancam] 140712 Tiffany - Karma Butterfly [babycake9]

    www.babycake9.com Please do not reupload. Take out with credit. Thank you. ^^

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    Tiffany lampen Pink Butterfly

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    Tiffany & Co. ? The Journey of the Jewel: Butterfly Brooch

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    Tiffany - Butterfly (Live in the UK 2017)

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  8. Thumbnail 2:50

    tiffany is the butterfly

    context based translations not exactly word for word.. :X credits: sm's i am dvd.

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