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Date Added:18/10/2007
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p.i p.i p.i p.i ya heard
when he comes rolling through your town
you better key a low down.
p.i p.i p.i p.i ya heard
he just joint the game gonna make old classic rappers
shiver for a change.


I've started with a temptation to hi jack a plane and crush into white house station. The public look aggresive in devastation I did it because the research team just gave me some new medication. I assasin the owner of a jewelery shop grab my suitcase sell it illigal I indirectly don't listen to the laws I make the result to them I'm just a outlaw. I do a tv ad make the whole broadcast system hypnotized and make a slogan to drink alchol while your driving in your ride leaning on the edge of a bridge with the nails holding it stable if you wanna live re-act real fast.
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