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Viewing Lyrics for Broke Williez:

Track:Broke Williez
Date Added:18/10/2007
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To all you rappers out there
With money and fame
Rockin a foreign car
Everything brand name
Broke Willies with no money
Keep runnin yo game
Can't forget all our thugs that's locked in chains

[Fredro Starr]
we ain't have shit growin' up, now we blowin' up
hundred G's a show, price low enough
ghetto struck, layin in the cut
with the metal mack 11, what
no cup, sippin amaretto 7-up
the wet life, shit is liquid
my wife trippin' my whole clique got shit to whip it
last switchin
Benz to Benz skippin, superstar hittin
your whole world is ice rippin, you like sniffin
you like shittin, tricks trickin, rolly with the inscription
watch a rich nigga clickin'
same shit, different day, mad cash to play
When I walk my chains swing
I drew swing hevily ill from Beverly Hills
I paid 20 g's
damn son it better be real
We holdin your deals, its 70 mils
eaten meals of Beverly pills
Now watch how the bubbly spills

[Chorus] (2x)

[Sticky Fingaz, (Sonsee)]

I grew up in the PJ's and wore the same gear for 3 days
sit to get a blunk out I wanna blew a mill in the month
from a low life, the one I go shopping,
im not worried bout no price, i wear the same clothes TWICE!
fuck the PO-LICE!
Its hydro stuff L's, six plus sells
stones heavy on the scales themselves, X-L
strait G's, moneys and properties
black F-G 15's, weightin trees and OC's
We old g's always O.T.-in on a low-key
spit more game than goldie, your bitch chose me
suppose WE most-LY, do em slow-LY
we play 'em close-LY, stayed on city cakes, they get erase them!
A sucker for a pretty face, with a twenty waist
whos Ben
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