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Viewing Lyrics for Ghetto Mentalitee:

Track:Ghetto Mentalitee
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Fredro Starr]
We roll a hundred niggas deep and not one of y'all got a gun
I bust one shot, you see a hundred niggas run
So sit on black gortex, before test, we all wore vests
I'm takin all bets, to see who will score next
I burn you like floor sex, you just a small threat
Wit a small set, so forfeit, I rhyme for more checks
Cuz whatever that it takes to make these papes, I'mma walk this
I'm worthless, I'm back to sellin cracks behind the trenches
I'ma hurt this when I work this, I'll beat you fuckin senseless
Deep and other bitches got me swingin at the fences
I bring it down like gravity, wit the getto mentalitee
To rule the oddity, the official nasty on the strategy

[Greg Valentine]
The city never sleeps, so don't sleep on us
I put niggas to rust, when my gun bust and plus
You get rushed, and when the press is on, you just been checked
You had plans on conquerin this, you need to switch up
Get up, nigga you should of got up
Obey my orders, cuz shit like that'll leave you shot up
For real, it's a deadman's party, leave ya body at the door
A loss for lechery, my introduction to the century
And entity, is what I plan to be in the industry
Enemies in my vicinity, get assassinated like the Kennedy
My gats the foolproof remedy

It's Sonsee, black and blue, the bad news off the pocket
Look like tacky, attack me, you get splashed
Official nasty backwards, sue, what the fuck is rule, you dumb ass
Trynna put shit on our name, you gonna get numb fast
Rap in the street, to do without ya
While I haul off and snatch four shit out ya
Look and see my image again when you start hemorrhaging
And damn, it's cloggin up, the blood he didn't smell
The masses, disastrous,
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