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Viewing Lyrics for Animal Rights Activists:

Artist:Ogden Skip
Album:You Ain't Right, Boy
Track:Animal Rights Activists
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Last night I had the strangest dream I never had before
A hunting season that's designed to even up the score
The wildlife folks announced the season that they had in store
On animal rights activists, the bag limit is four.

I'm making hunting plans right now for all my friends and me
The first one that I want to get is Cleveland Amory
If you're out in the woods and they come out being cute
Put 'em in your sights, say goodbye, and then shoot!

Because it's open season on animal rights activists
The self-righteous, grass-eating brain dead pacivists
Don't try to force your tofu and bean sprouts down my throat
I like my beef and deer and pork and even roasted goat
Next time you want to hunt, remember all their stunts
And bag yourself an activist today.

The activits are vegetarians, they don't want us to eat meat
Just oat and bran and grass and straw and dirt and twigs and wheat
Where here's something for them, they'll have new food instead
We'll find out if they like the taste speeding red-hot lead.

We'll all die of cancer if we don't use lab rats.
"But animals have rights," you say, from snakes to frogs to cats.
Whell here is my opionion, activits will all be stunned.
If animals were meant to have rights, they'd have guns.


Do the world a favor, and bow-hunt your neighbor
Harvest an activist today.

Copyright 1997, Skip Ogden
All rights reserved
Comments welcome: skip@brew-meister.com
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