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Artist:Off Topic
Track:Another World
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
A twisted maze of interstates
Highways, industry, farmland and tidal waves
Halfway between New York and DC
London and Cali
I can see the Philly skyline
On a clear night
But I'd rather be on the beach in the moonlight
Just like we used to back in the day
Before I lost control of hands on the face
Before you went away
Where do all these cars come from?
Where do all these people gotta get to?
Why am I one?
I've been branded
It says so right across my chest
And I'm stranded in an ocean of bodies with no life vest
And concrete Timberlands
Hindering every step
Everybody's trying to get a rep
Everybody wants to get their respect
Like they're any different from the next man
We're all mannequins, understand?
I can't drive two blocks without seeing the cops
I can't listen to a song and not hear about rocks
I can't go to bar without seeing twenty classmates
Trying to figure out why they took the time to graduate
Developers are buying every orchard in the county
To make quarter million dollar properties with no trees
But they're convenient to the highways and the big city
We're all guilty pilgrims robbing Indians

See life without you tears my fragile world apart
I'm not too happy and I'm not too smart
And if I was just a little better at either
I'd put the pain relievers down and give the stimulants a breather
But I'm neither
Jug handles, traffic circles, and no left turns
No license til you're seventeen
Walking to work
I've got a green-eye perspective
Of eclectic laborers
Expecting pay dirt and move away from the neighbors
The liquor stores all close at two
Everybody's got it rough and take i
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