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Viewing Lyrics for New Thing From London Town (New Lyric):

Artist:Gary Numan
Album:Strange Charm
Track:New Thing From London Town (New Lyric)
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:New thing from London Town
Refugees of broken sound
The sound of breathing and crying hearts
This situation tears me apart.
The new police will find me soon
I can't hide inside this room
I'm waiting for the boys to come
Then we can move out one by one.
New thing from London Town.

New thing from London Town
Nothing left to keep us down
We are not responsible
Someone pays and someone falls
We slide into the night
Silhouettes in a cold blue light
Take a look and look away
We need something we need to play.
New thing from London Town.

GARY NUMAN........ vocals.
BILL SHARPE....... keyboards.
ROGER ODELLE...... drum programming.
TESSA NILES....... vocals.

MUSIC............. BILL SHARPE

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    Gary Numan - New Thing From London Town (album version)

    Copyright (C) 1986. From the album 'Strange Charm'. For entertainment purposes only, please do not remove.

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