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Album:Hot In The Shade
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Gonna throw down the dice on a roll, it's a showdown, gonna walk on hot coals
Cut the deck, better place your bet, 'cause the game ain't over yet
Wanna keep you under lock and key, can't you see what you do to me
Get the noose, I know I'm gonna hang, 'cause you're like a boomerang, boomerang

On the way up, you change your tune, so pay up, and it ain't too soon
Can't make up or break up, can't feel a thing, you want a piece of everything

First you're cold and then you're hot, you're in the mood and then you're not
Yeah, I know I'll get a bang, 'cause you're like a boomerang, boomerang

You can slip and you can slide, but there ain't nothin' you can hide
You just can't say no, well here I come, baby, and here I go

A boomerang, a boomerang
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Taken from the album  by Kiss
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    KISS - Boomerang


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  2. Thumbnail 3:34

    KISS - Boomerang "Video"

    Concert footage of KISS edited to the track.

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  3. Thumbnail 1:04

    Marcus (Eddie Murphy) kisses Angela (Halle Berry) on Boomerang the movie

    Marcus (Eddie Murphy) kisses Angela (Halle Berry) on Boomerang the movie. Friends can kiss too.... I have no legal rights to the movie.

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    Kiss Boomerang

    Join https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rock-Metal-Bands/261039487286199 Kiss - Boomerang with lyrics Album:Hot in the Shade(1989) Lineup Paul Stanle...

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  6. Thumbnail 1:09

    Boomerang - star trek scene

    Angela and Marcus watching star trek.

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    Boomerang kiss

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    Boomerang - Ending Scene

    Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry kiss scene from Boomerang (1992)

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    Boomerang (6/9) Movie CLIP - Does This Mean You Forgive Me? (1992) HD

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    "What's On MY Mind" Vol. 5 - The Boomerang Kiss

    oprettyboy1 on twitter. A show i do for Fun.

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