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Viewing Lyrics for Racist Copper:

Artist:King Prawn
Track:Racist Copper
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:he cannot wait to knock me down
his eyes just follow me around
he cannot wait to see me go down
even though i haven't done anything wrong
he's a racist copper
he got hatred in his blood
he's a racist copper
judgements made by tone of skin
he's a racist copper
he cannot wait to drag me in
he's a racist copper
waiting for me with his club

i walk the streets as a police target
i don't know the crime but i'm still a suspect
it makes me wonder who the law protects?
the uniform and club getting no respect

he's gonna hunt you down
he's gonna hunt you down like an animal

he cannot wait to knock me down
his eyes just follow me around
he says to me 'go back to where your from'
i say 'where, east london?'

blue lights flashing 'oh my god'
pig says 'get out of that car'
slamming your face up against the wall
he whispers in your ear 'i'll teach you the law'

he's just a racist pig

i don't wanna pick another apple
so many bad ones in the barrel
look inside you'll see they rotten
rotten to the core we know the score
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