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Viewing Lyrics for Mermaid Jane:

Track:Mermaid Jane
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:She swims into a room full of floating people
She glides into a space full of laughing creatures
Swimming floating
Laughing about the water
She's diving falling and crying

She glides into a room full of broken lava-lamps
She lays down on the ceramic floor
Gliding swimming floating about the water
She falling racing and broken

The seaweed is always greener underwater
Down there she cannot hear the rain
Her eyes won't stain with run mascara anymore
'cause she's a mermaid jane

She soars into a bright white clouds
She plunges into the deep green sea
She's diving flying plunging into the wetness
She's free now gone now but happy


In time I'll run
In time I'll feel the sun

Yea she's a mermaid jane
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