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Viewing Lyrics for Invert The Inverted Cross:

Track:Invert The Inverted Cross
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:the cross of christ
turned upside down
symbol of his supposed defeat
those in darkness
rejoice in this
but the truth is revealed to the chosen
christ stormed the gates of hell
to take the keys thereof
now the keys of death and hades
belong to the enternal one
hell awaits the demonic forces
who seek to prevert the cross
flaming hellfire destruction
is their final dwelling place
what remains to be said
invert the inverted cross
the inversion is but a lie
upright it should stand
no longer an inversion
but a symbol of supreme victory
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Taken from the album  by Horde
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    Horde- Invert The Inverted Cross

    Off the 1994 album "Hellig Usvart"

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    Horde - Invert the inverted cross @ IMF 2010

    Horde - Invert the inverted cross, Apri. 17th 2010, Nokia.

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    Horde - Invert the inverted cross Guitar Cover

    Song: Invert the inverted cross Artist: HORDE Album: Hellig Usvart (trve christian unblack metal, you should buy it!) You celebrated Easter just ...

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    Recorded Live in Oslo Norway 11/3/2006 at Nordic Fest! The HORDE solo release "HELLIG USVART" (Holy Unblack in Norwegian) was one of the most ...

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    MALAKH - "Invert The Inverted Cross (Tribute to Horde)"

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    CHRISTAGEDDON - Invert The Inverted Cross ( Tribute To Horde )

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    Horde - Invert The Inverted Cross (LEGENDADO)

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    horde invert the inverted cross

    banda de UnBleck metal cristão.

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    Invert The Inverted Cross

    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Invert The Inverted Cross · Horde Hellig Usvart: 10th Anniversary Edition ? 2004 Rowe Productions Released on: 2004...

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