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Artist:Frank Sinatra
Track:You Are Love
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Once a wand'ring ne'er do well,
Just a vagrant roving fellow,
I went my way.

Life was just a joke to tell,
Like a lonely Punchinello,
My role was gay.

But I knew the joke was aimless,
Time went on, I liked the game less,
For you see,

Somewhere lurked a spark divine and,
I kept wond'ring whether mine
Would come to me.

Then my fortune turned and I found you;
Here you are with my arms around you.
You will never know what you've meant to me.
You're the prize that heaven has sent to me.
Here's a bright and beautiful world all new
Wrapped up in you.


You are love, here in my arms
Where you belong,
And here you will stay.
I'll not let you away;
I went day after day with you.
You are spring,
Bud of romance unfurl'd,
You taught me to see
One truth forever true.

You are love,
Wonder of all the world.
Where you go with me
Heaven will always be!

Repeat Refrain
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Taken from the album  by Frank Sinatra
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