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Viewing Lyrics for River, Stay Way from My Door:

Artist:Frank Sinatra
Track:River, Stay Way from My Door
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:You keep goin' your way - I'll keep goin' my way
(I'll keep goin' my way, you keep rollin' your way)
River, stay 'way from the door
I just got (me) a cabin - you don't need my (you'll never need that) cabin
River, stay 'way from the door
Don't (you) come up any higher - I'm so all alone
Leave the bed and the fire - that is all I own (and you can have that phone)
I ain't breakin' your heart - don't (you) start breakin' my heart
River, stay 'way from the door
(Stay 'way, get 'way, roll 'way, stay 'way)
(You dirty, old, muddy river, you)
(River, stay 'way from the door)
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Taken from the album  by Frank Sinatra
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