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Viewing Lyrics for What A Funny Girl You Used To Be:

Artist:Frank Sinatra
Album:Best Of Frank Sinatra 2
Track:What A Funny Girl You Used To Be
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:You always looked a little out of place
All grown up with freckles on your face
We'd spend each night with company
Just you, the teddy bear, the dolls and me
What a funny girl you used to be
You always had a thousand things to do
Getting all involved with something new
Always some new recipe the kitchen
Always looked like World War Three
What a funny girl you used to be
It was so good with you around
You always found a smile
Where smiles could not be found
I never ever met a person more sincere
You'd always listen with an open ear
You'd fall for lines so easily
Whatever they were selling you'd buy three
What a funny girl you used to be
What a funny girl you used to be
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