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Viewing Lyrics for To Love And Be Loved:

Artist:Frank Sinatra
Album:Best Of Frank Sinatra 3
Track:To Love And Be Loved
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:To love - and be loved
That's what life's - all about
Keeps the stars - coming out
What makes a sad heart sing - the birds take wing

To love - and be loved
That's what living - is for
Makes me want you the more - the more we cling

Let others race - to the moon
Through time and space - to the moon
My goal is greater than this
To reach your lips - to share your kiss

To stay - in your arms
Is the dream - I pursue
To be sheltered - and safe - from the storm
To be cozy - and ever - so warm

And for always - to love
And be loved - by you
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Taken from the album  by Frank Sinatra
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