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Viewing Lyrics for Cmon Cmon:

Track:Cmon Cmon
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Lately I've been thinking that I don't feel like I used to do.
I'm trying to keep my two feet on the ground.
Constantly surrounded everywhere I turn I'm hounded,
people stop and stare and look me up and down.
Now you shouldn't feel down from what everybody says
and don't let it bother you if anybody stares,
'cause you know that at times people can be cruel,
try to put you down make you feel like a fool.
But you got one shot now don't you ever stop,
keep your dreams high keep reachin' for the top,
'cause you know and I know if they had the chance
they'd be climbin' up on the stage trying to dance.

C'mon C'mon and get together.
Lets take a chance, it's now or never,
spread the word over the nation
that we are the new generation.
C'mon C'mon and get together.
Start living your life like it's forever.
Don't wanna stop if you're dreamin',
let everybody know what you're feeling.

Questions I can't answer got me going round in circles.
Make me feel as though I'm losing self control.
It's feeling like a dream to me. I've lost a touch of reality
deep inside I've searched with my soul.
Now it's good to keep searching and bettering yourself
but don't push too hard 'cause it's bad for your health.
And running round in circles will always get you dizzy.
And thinking too much that will make your head busy,
so just sit back and relax, you gotta chill.
I promise that all of your dreams will be fulfilled.
One day if you keep on looking you'll find,
you just gotta go with your heart and your mind.

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