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Track:Falco Rides Again
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:These are the given lyrics for this song, but to my ears, most of the first verse sounds to me to be in German.

This is the story of a lonely man
Who's seen the world
From Japan to Afghanistan
Hey! Ho!

Everybody thought that I was gone for good
But I'm back - understood
Hey! Ho!

I've been through the snow and the storm
Felt the cold
No one to keep me warm
Agony and pain

Falco rides again - Bang bang
I won't break
I won't bend
Falco rides again
It's me and my gang
I came back just like a boomerang
I'll fight 'till the end
Falco rides again
I've been up, I've been down
I've been pushed around
Beated, mistreated,
Gagged and bound
Hey! Ho!

Not a soul in the world thought I would survive
Took every muscle in my body to stay alive
Hey! Ho!
I'll break down the walls
No more defeat
I want the taste of victory
Revenge is sweet

... rides again!
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Taken from the album  by Falco
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    Falco - Falco Rides Again

    My tribute to Falco...Simply Falco rides again!

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    Falco rides again ... again and again ...

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    Electro Falco - Falco Rides Again - FALCO Convention 2010

    ElectroFalco - Falco Rides Again - LIVE on the FALCO Convention 2010 at the Orpheum in Vienna, February 2010.

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    Falco rides again. Falco rides with the goats.

    Dedicated to Falco and the csgoats!

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