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Video Views: 47 - Today Views: 1 - Video Date Added: 20/06/2016

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Artist:Faith No More
Track:Sweet Dreams
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Sweet dreams you can't resist,
Nestles makes the very best,
Creamy whites, dreamy whites
NESTLES makes the very best,
Sweet dreams, you ca-a-a-n't resist...
(appeared on concerts only)
Transcribed by AgathaIITI
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Taken from the album  by Faith No More
  1. Thumbnail 1:36

    Sweet Dreams (Nestle) - Faith no More

    Rock In Rio II (1991)

    Views: 47

  2. Thumbnail 2:04

    Sweet Dreams You Can`t Resist - Nestle and Faith No More

    Compilation with the Nestle TV commercial from 1986 "Sweet Dreams You Can't Resist." and the same song played by Faith No More in Rio de Janeiro ...

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  3. Thumbnail 2:04

    Faith No More - 05 - Sweet Dreams (Live Nestle Jingle, JJJ Radio Show 30-08-90)

    A great show from Faith No More, recorded by Triple J (so fairly good quality audio) in Melbourne Australia on 30th July 1990.

    Views: 23

  4. Thumbnail 8:11

    Faith No More - Sweet Dreams (2) Surprise! & Epic (1990)

    Here is the continuation of the "Sweet Dreams" song from the previous video, where the audience started to throw candy, which is then followed by...

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  5. Thumbnail 5:35

    Faith No More - We Care Alot & Sweet Dreams (1991)

    Love this performance, so energetic..live from Vina Del Mar in 1991.

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  6. Thumbnail 1:36

    Faith No More - Sweet Dreams (with lyrics)

    Lyrics: http://easylyrics.org/?artist=Faith+No+More&title=Sweet+Dreams Thanks for checking out our videos and site!

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  7. Thumbnail 2:44

    Faith No More - Sweet Emotion (Early "Perfect Crime")

    I do not claim ownership to this song or whatever. The composer as well as performer is Faith No More and the owner is the band and their record ...

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  8. Thumbnail 4:53

    Faith no more - Sweet emotion

    Utwór pochodzi z p?yty "The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection". Warner Music Ltd 2009 Wszelkie prawa autorskie: Faith No Mor...

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  9. Thumbnail 5:06

    Faith No More - We Care Alot & Sweet Dreams (1) - 1990

    As Mike sings the "Sweet Dreams" song, you'll see candy being thrown at the stage, it starts here in this video...but stopped, where I had to con...

    Views: 1

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