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Viewing Lyrics for A Childhoods End:

Track:A Childhoods End
Date Added:18/10/2007
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My verbal metaphysics be ripping this shit into different coordinates
In tournaments, I'll kick the lyrics and y'all become my subordinates
So forfeit your championship
As I unravel these hidden talents, obescity leaving this city unbalanced
While I reign supreme like Johnny Valiant
You wanna kick a flow? Well mines are more powerful than young stallions
Press play on your cassette decks, I'll come alive like Jumanji
I eat so much MC's and now there's none left, so y'all are forced to go on
hunger strikes like Gandhi
Where's the beef?
I got all eyes on me just like the Fonzi ""Declare defeat""
Cuz' when I speak, I be emitting nothing than a prized psalm
And got no time to fuck with y'all criminals like Jean Val Jean
Cuz' in reality a mans career to me will shatter
I could turn a posse cut into D-Sisive featuring some other rappers who
don't matter
And then I'll reverse my shin guard and hook figure four leg locks like
Greg the Hammer
Valentine's massacre, sprinkle ejaculation on these rhyming bastards
In forms of baptising like Jimmy Swaggart
Then I'll smack their ass backwards, ovations be clapping
Then I'll transform into Osama Bin Ladden when I start rapping

We've come to an end, a disasterous end, and yo'
Why does it have to end this way? x2

(Unknown Misery)
Razor blade edging, lifetime pledging, body sketching
Ship wrecking type disaster, the world's spinning faster
Sinning to find an answer, nuclear device blaster
Grimm laughter, hell in atmosphere spells master
We dwell at night in dark cave like habitats
With bats killing them cats who did me wrong in the past
Take off my mask before I finish him, proud of killing him-acapo
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