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Viewing Lyrics for Ballad Of Geraldine:

Track:Ballad Of Geraldine
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Oh, I was born with the name Geraldine
With hair coal black as a raven.
I travelled my life without a care,
Ah, but all my love I was savin'.

Oh, the winds blew high and the trees did sway,
Not much from life was I askin'.
Till I met someone to give all my love,
All my love, so long an' lasting.

Oh, good were the parts we played in our game
And a long ways off was tomorrow.
But my love was a rambler and restless as the sea,
And in the tide came sorrow.

Oh, a child of the night is goin' to be born,
I can't explain my confusion.
Is my love thinkin' to marry me at all
Or of the freedom he thinks he'll be losin'?

I sit with my friends in the gay crowded room,
My friends they're smokin' and a-talkin'.
But it all seems so empty, my love is not there,
So I'll go into the streets a-walkin'.

My baby is a-growin' as a-growin' it must,
If I were to lose it, it would grieve me.
My love is so helpless and I'm wonderin' what to do.
Oh, how I yearn to help him.

Oh, we could go to the land of your choice
Where the false shame won't come knockin' at our door.
I've a feeling in my heart and it's crushing all my hopes,
I think I'm gonna be hurt some more,

Oh, I was born with the name Geraldine,
With hair coal black as a raven.
I travelled my life without a care,
Ah, but all my love I was savin
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