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Album:Hms Donovan
Track:A Funny Man
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:One day a funny kind of man came walking down this street,
he wore a shoe upon his head and hats upon his feet.
He raised the shoe and smiled at me, his manners were polite,
But never had I seen before such a funny sounding sight.

He said, "Allow me to present your highness wit h a rose"
And taking out a currant bun, he held it to my nose.
I staggered back against the wall and then I answered, "Well,
I never saw a rose with such a funny looking smell.

He then began tol sing a song -mm - and sat down on the ground,
You never heard in all your life such a funny feeling sound.
"My friend, why do you werar two hats upon your feet ?" I said,
He turned the other way and hopped home on his head
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