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Track:The Gloaming
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Earth's evoking the blackened icons
Godless dimension, cries of pain
Violated bodies of hatred
Black lakes burning
Souls of the damned

Waking the beast down below
Slender the shores of decay
Bow for the master, his rage coming faster
This is the dawn of decay

Dying figures buried on roses
Flaming torture, endless disease
Fouling odour, massacre raging
Dissemination of eternal pain

Burning the world as we know
Religion abolished in greed
Bow for the master, his name rules disaster
This is the dawn of decay

Suffer masses godless raining pain
Your blood rins out from putrid eyes
Immense killing passion everywhere
And mankind fades away to death

Scum of mankind, pregnant with evil
Nailed to the black cross in rage
Stained with honour, he's got the power
To open the book and write the last page

Waking the beast down below
Slender the shores of decay
Bow for the master, his rage coming faster
This is the dawn of decay
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