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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Knights of terror and insanity
Ruling peoples destiny
Forced by crippeled history
Don't let it come back again

Fear me - your death
Alive - you see
My killing - you
Is here

Men is here - to death
Women i see - in pain
Children - be killed
By fascist slaves

The killing begins
No reason for it
Revenge for a fucking

Lidice - burned down
Racist rage - began
Solution - to start
Dictator's insane

Dealing with pain each day, surrender to their suffering
A brutal sttement of power against a mankind insane the pain

Sad youth - alone
Growing up - right now
No idols - for them
Reflecting on it

Searching for - a meaning
In life - so bad
Lies they hear - about
The fascist regime
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