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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I found the way
By the sound of your voice
So many things to say
But these are only words
Now I've only words
Once there was a choice

And I want to love

Did I give you much?
Well you gave me things
You gave me stars to hold
Songs to sing

I only want to be loved

And I hurt and I hurt
And the damage is done
You gave me songs to sing
Shadow and sun

Why didn't I stay?
Why couldn't I?
So many lives to cross
Well I just had to leave
There goes everything

Can I meet you there?
God knows the place
And I'll touch your hand
Kiss your face

We only want to be loved
We only want to be loved

And I want to be love

And I hurt and I hurt
And the damage is done
You gave me songs to sing
Shadow and sun
Earthbound, starblind
Tied to someone
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